Lazy Lads

Collection of 5,000 lazy lads coming to the Aptos Blockchain.


Lazy Lads is an NFT project centered around community, innovations & adventures. Each Lazy Lad resides on the Aptos network as a unique non fungible token, comprised of a unique combination of traits. Holding a Lazy Lad gives you a membership to a whole new economy & community where we build a long-term relationship with creations & adventures on this new chain called Aptos.




Mazi Fred

Community Manager


Beside the team & fundamental quality, Aptos is a new blockchain which gives us advantage for a coming mass adoption! Wouldn’t you want to be early on Solana or Ethereum NFTs?

Lazy Lads is a collection of 5,000 Lads.


We recommend Pontem, Martian & Rise wallet. 

We are building a decentralized brand of the Aptos future! 

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